Q. How long is a website turn around?

A. We aim to have our standard 1-4 page websites available within 1-2 weeks of starting the design to online process, we will work with you and depending on your businesses requirements, this will change the time.


Q. What do I do about my domain?

A. If you have a current domain we can transfer this over no problem, or we can guide you through the process of purchasing your first domain and having this linked to your site.


Q. What is SEO?

A. SEO = Search Engine Optimisation which helps google rank your website in searches to help your website get the best results when being searched for in google.


Q. Can I decide what information I want researched in my marketing plans and audits?

A. Absolutely, these can be large documents and can hold all sorts of valuable market research. Every business is different and so is the decision they are making so we will tailor the marketing research to suit these requirements. .


Q. How do you gather content for managing my social media pages?

A. We will work closely with you on any up and coming events and promotions your business might have coming up and also some social media strategies and plans to help forecast and plan ahead. This helps keep the management easy for both of us and also a clear communication and marketing strategy for your followers.


Q. Can Hi Hello help with on going design and support with my website when I need it up-dated or new products and promotions to be up loaded?

A. Absolutely, we will work with you to help maintain your new website and also design any additional material that needs to be added to your website, we can discuss these requirements with you.


Q. I don't know a lot about websites and what is the latest trend or the best look for my business, do you guide us through this process?

A. We support you through the entire process, with your vision and ideas that you have in mind along with assessing your business and the products and services you provide to the market. We take into consideration your cusotmer and how they will use and interact with your website also, the entire process is made easy and we will guide you through this from design to online.